About Us

Lenny and Patricia Iacono came to Montezuma in the late 1970s. From the profits of their small dried fruit business, they were able to purchase a small piece of land in the town center. Having experience in carpentry, Lenny decided to design and build most of the building himself. In 1989,

Sano Restaurant (The Healthy Banana) opened in Montezuma. It was the first restaurant of it’s kind, serving fresh, healthy meals and showing movies every night. To this day Sano Banano is renowned for it’s delicious, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options and movies every night. Open 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

About 10 years later they decided to expand the restaurant and build a hotel upstairs. The hotel includes breakfast from the restaurant. The idea of this hotel was to create a more affordable option with clean and basic rooms in the heart of Montezuma. Staying at our hotel includes the option to use the facilities at our sister resort (Ylang Ylang Beach Resort) to enhance your experience.

The rooms were designed to be sound proof with air conditioning. Each room is unique in it’s own way with room arrangements and beds. Sano Banano Beachside hotel has been a great option for large groups, families, couples and friends looking for an affordable option in town.

Most recently, our hotel rooms have gotten a bit of a makeover with brand new paintings in the rooms. The paintings of Costa Rican nature and wildlife provide a new warmth and cozy feel to the rooms. Our rooms allow you to enjoy a comfortable and affordable stay in the center of town and surrounded by gorgeous beaches and nature in paradise.

This is the original logo from 1989